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 Prospective Employment?

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PostSubject: Prospective Employment?   Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:59 pm

I am a journeyman plumber from California, over 20 years work history,
with extensive experience in hospital construction. I am visiting the Chicago
area and am considering a move here, but wanted to get some feedback on
what the job market is like here. I will consider any union scale contract
position, the longer term the better, but I truly am wanting to get a feel on
what the job market is like here.

I will be contacting the union office on 2/23/09, but wanted to put
some feelers out. I would very much appreciate any tips, suggestions,
anything at all, to help me secure employment in the area.

Donald Beaman
Cell: 209-261-3584
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Prospective Employment?
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