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A place for local 130 plumbers to gather and discuss issues related to plumbers local 130 and the plumbing industry in chicago.
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 In memory of Mel Loftus

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PostSubject: In memory of Mel Loftus   Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:39 am

I would like to bring to everyone's attention that we just lost a long time member Mel Loftus a long time member and past recording secretary passed away recently I knew Mel and he was a good man and will be dearly missed Mel was still heavily involved in Local 130 business he was a fair man I had the privelage of doing some repair work for Mel in his house about 15 year's ago even though I was being payed by the contractor I was working for Mel still insisted I accept $100.00 to take my wife out for dinner we created a casual friendship after that and up until last summer which was the last time I saw him he still approached me with a smile and a handshake so as I said Local 130 lost a good friend and now that Mel has joined his wife Rita in plumbers heaven his children and grandchildren have lost a good generous man and friend Rest in Peace Mel

It would be nice if all our members would go to chicago look for Mel's guestbook and sign it whether you knew him or not let's show our strength in number's
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In memory of Mel Loftus
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