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 If you are injured or get injured protect your rights

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PostSubject: If you are injured or get injured protect your rights   Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:05 am

I had mentioned an attorney in a previous post who I have gotten to know personally about 6 years ago his name is Jason Rubens 312-201-9640 this man has helped me and my family through my work related injury where I have had 4 surgeries in 3 years the contractor I was working for fought my workcomp claim since day 1 Jason has kept on their ass when needed every time I had surgery he called my wife that night to make sure evrything was ok and to see if she needed anything and called me twice a week sometimes more during my recuperation now in the past I have used the attorneys the union reccomended Healy law firm 4 calls until I recieved a call back GWC one of the largest they were the biggest joke 6-8 phone calls until you recieved a call back now when you are recieving workcomp pay which is a lot less than our normal pay and the insurance co. decides to stop paying you waiting a week or two for a return call is an eternity anytime I have called Jason whether important or not I usually had a return call the same day at one time I was scheduled for a surgery and 2 days before the surgery the insurance co. decided not to pay and cancel the surgery I waited 2 months for I left a message for Jason at 8:00am by 11:00am he returned my call while on vacation in the bahamas (which blew me away)he had my surgery approved and rescheduled within 4 hours I have sent many friends family and other union members to him with great feedback so if god forbid you are injured or get injured you need to call him to protect you and your families right because the contractor and insurance companies will try to screw you no matter how long you worked for that contractor by the way the contractor who I was working for when I was injured was my employer for years until I was injured by their faulty equiptment and they threw me to the curb after years of service
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If you are injured or get injured protect your rights
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